Monday, 20 August 2012

Brown-Eyed Girl.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I would be doing a post on creating a gorgeous smokey-eye ... well, readers, here is that very post!

A modern twist on this effortlessly stylish look is the chocolate smokey eye that Mila Kunis has been wearing in recent months - the wonderful thing about opting for rich browns (as opposed to harsh blacks) is that they're universally flattering, making blue, green and brown eyes 'pop.'

The secret to the perfect smokey eye is to blend, blend, blend... then blend some more - it needs to look completely seamless! In my personal opinion, fingers just don't give this sort of finish, so get yourself an eyeshadow brush like this one from The Body Shop, to blend your shadows together.

The 'smoke' should intensify as you move outwards, with the lightest shadow at the inner corner subtly graduating into the darkest shadow at the outer corner of the eye (as you can see in picture above).

I've found the perfect palette for your chocolatey smokey eye (also from The Body Shop!):

I've numbered the eye-shadows above to make this a little easier to understand:

1. Start by applying a fine dusting of powder to your eyelid - this primes the area and absorbs surface oils (...and will make your look to last an awful lot longer!). Take shadow 2, and, using your brush, apply a wash of colour across the entire eyelid.

2. Apply the lightest shadow (1) to the inner corner of the eye. Blend into 2.

3. At the outer third and crease of the eyelid, apply shadow 3 - use your pupil as a rough marker and don't take your shadow past it. Blend along the crease, up towards the brows, and into shadow 2 on the eyelid.

4. Take the darkest shadow, 4, and apply to the outermost corner of the eye. Blend outwards towards the hairline, inwards towards the lid, and upwards into the crease.

5. Apply lashings of black mascara (I love They're Real! by Benefit, read what I have to say about it here). Line the inner rim and lash-line of your eyes with a brown kohl eyeliner.

You can layer each of the shadows as much as you like - the more you layer, the more dramatic the look... just make sure you really do blend the shades together!

Opt for a nude pout with this look - red lips worn with a smokey-eye is a make-up sin! Defined brows are an absolute must to keep this look balanced, and I'll be letting you in on the best product to create gorgeous, full brows very soon... so keep your eyes peeled!

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