Sunday, 8 July 2012

Look of the Week: Paint It Black.

Imagine my disdain last Tuesday when I discovered Paris Fashion Week was starting the day after I'd left the aforementioned city to come back to the UK. So. Damn. Annoyed.

Fashion Week gives our favourite celebrities the chance to show off their impeccable style and expensive taste, and Paris was no exception... which made this week's Look of the Week very hard to pick!

But as soon as I saw Alexa Chung's outfit for the Chanel Haute Couture show, I knew I was onto a winner!

Credit: Rex

Sometimes even the most simple outfit can be the best one - as Alexa was on the front -row, she was smart to have chosen head-to-toe black, which can never be a fashion faux-pas (unlike several other celebrity looks I saw from Paris Fashion Week). The contrast of prim tweed mini-skirt with baggy black jumper is a good one - Alexa's style is never too contrived, and looks effortlessly thrown together... and it always works for her! And I'm very jealous of her Chanel arm-candy - that bag is to die for!

"How do I get this fabulous look for less?!" I hear you cry... well read on!

I've deliberately suggested a men's jumper so it will look baggy like Alexa's.

For this look, Alexa has stuck to what she does best - bedhead hair and winged eyeliner...

She's previously stated that she counts brown eyeshadow as a make-up staple - I adore this Shimmer Cube Palette in Warm by The Body Shop, which includes 4 earthy shades of eyeshadow. You can sweep the darkest shade across the lid (along with some black liquid liner - here's some tips on how to use it) to recreate Alexa's look, or blend all four shades together for a lovely chocolatey smokey-eye, which is much more flattering than using harsh black shadow and kohl - I'll be doing a post on how to create a smokey-eye in the not-too-distant future!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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