Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hello Sailor.


The trend for nautical fashion is one that just keeps on coming back; effortlessly lady-like and stylish, it extends so much further than navy sailor stripes - think added embossed buttons, flashes of red and boat prints. Here are 3 celebrities who've totally nailed the nautical look:

 Clockwise, from top: Cheryl Cole, Leighton Meester, Lauren Conrad

So all aboard (sorry, couldn't resist), I'm going to show you a couple of must-have items that embrace the maritime look!

1. The Vest

Arguably a staple in any girl's wardrobe as it is, the stripe vest is also key to the nautical look, and this one would look great with bright red skinny jeans and a navy blazer, or, if you can get your hands on one, a sailor skater skirt - I planned on featuring this one but unfortunately, it's no longer available... but I've seen a couple of similar styles floating around on eBay, so do have a look!

2. The Everyday Dress

I was pretty surprised to see that a member of the TOWIE cast had designed this gorgeous dress, but I have to say, she's done a good job - I'm impressed! This dress is perfect for daily wear and can be dressed down for day-time with a denim jacket, or dressed up for night-time with a black boyfriend blazer and a pair of black peep-toes.

3. The Statement Dress

Anchor detail buttons, check. Bright red belt, check. Sailor stripe, check - this dress ticks every box when it comes to nautical fashion, not to mention, it has the most gorgeous flattering shape and fit for ladies with curves! The print really is a statement in itself and will certainly make you stand out in a crowd, but hey, nothing wrong with that in my book!

4. The Jumper

Words cannot express just how long I've wanted this jumper... I just love the boat detail on the front (although it does do weird things to my eyes if I look at it too long), and adore the contrasting cuffs. For sailor chic, team with simple black skinnies and ballet flats (and these ones keep with the nautical theme!).

5. The Bracelet

No look is complete without accessories and you can finish off any of the aforementioned outfits with some cute nautical jewellery - how adorable is this anchor detail Zara Taylor bracelet?! (I've already documented my love for her designs here)

The nautical trend is certainly here to stay, so go on, treat yourself to one (... or a couple!) of these items. In terms of hair and make-up, nothing quite matches the classiness of the sailor look than hair with a bit of volume, and you can learn how to add some bounce to your locks here.
A gorgeous cherry-coloured lip would look divine with all of these items... and if you have no idea how to attempt this, you're in luck, because I'll be doing my next post on the perfect red lip, so check back later this week!

Photo Credit: Cheryl Cole [source]
Leighton Meester [source]
Lauren Conrad [source]


  1. I love the nautical look! I've got a pair of stripey nautical-style shorts I bought a few years back that I always break out whenever the trend comes back around.

    I also love that dress by Lauren Pope - always a fan of versatile dresses than can be worn day or night.

    Sam x

  2. Nautical is my go-to trend, it's always fashionable in my opinion! Those shorts sound great - I've been looking for a pair but yet to find the style I have in mind... glad you like the Lauren Pope dress! x


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