Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Spot of Bother.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the mention of a dear friend's upcoming wedding at the end of last week's post. It was such a wonderful day, the bride looked absolutely gorgeous and to add a cherry on the top of an already perfect cake, the sun shone all day long... so back to reality, and whilst the new Mr and Mrs have jetted off on their honeymoon, I am sat at my laptop working on posts for Bombay Rose!

It's always the way that when you need your skin to be clear, it decides that this is the perfect time to give you a spot.
And the wedding was no exception for me... weeks and weeks of no blemishes in the lead-up, but it seems my clean living went totally unnoticed by my skin, which responded by gifting me with a huge break-out (and I mean huge - I contemplated walking around with a paper bag over my head) a couple of days before the ceremony.

Luckily, a few months back, I discovered an amazing spot treatment that quite literally zaps pimples overnight... so no paper bag needed then.

Intrigued? And probably wondering how much this little miracle is going to set you back?

Well it's a penny-saving £4.99!

The struggles I experienced with my skin as a teen have taught me a lot about products that are likely to work... and also a lot about those that aren't. I've found that things rammed full of chemicals (ahem, Freederm and Clearasil) aggravate spots rather then clear them...
Which brings me very nicely to the Good Things range, which is free from animal ingredients, mineral oils, parabens and SLS, and uses natural superfruit extracts to work its magic on problem skin. Stop That Spot! has proven to be my saviour for the last couple of days (and also my newly-wed friend's... she used it in the run-up to the wedding too!), the gel contains extracts of acai berry and papaya, and, unlike most of the chemically-based spot treatments out there, smells amazing (as does the rest of the range!) and quite literally dried up my break-out overnight.

A few general tips for those pesky pimples - don't squeeze them! Prodding and poking your face does you, and your spot, no favours, and will increase the risk of permanent scarring.
If you can't resist (but you really, really should), cleanse and use a warm (not hot!) compress to bring the contents of the spot to the skin's surface, and gently ease the contents out using clean fingers before wiping the area down using a toner with antibacterial action.

If you've been naughty and oversqueezed (tut tut) and now have a bruise or scab to show for it, I've recommended a great aloe vera gel in this post that can be applied to the area, quickly soothing and healing damaged skin.
Please note: Stop That Spot! should never be applied to blemishes that have been squeezed/picked at.

For more information on the Good Things range, check out www.goodthingsbeauty.com

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