Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Thanks a Blot.

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Whilst trying to convert you ladies to tinted moisturiser (catch up here if you missed it), I mentioned that I didn't like to apply pressed powder more than once a day. I find that constant re-application of powder means, come evening, the skin looks cakey as the powder settles and coagulates (icky!), leaving once natural-looking coverage looking not quite so natural... which defeats the purpose of opting for TM in the first place!

So, what do I use instead of powder to remove shine?

I use blotting papers that remove excess oil from the skin surface without disturbing make-up, giving shine-free skin in a jiffy!

High-end make-up brands do sell them but, whilst I'm normally one to splurge when it comes to make-up, this cheaper alternative will do the same job just as well:

At £2.99, you just can't go wrong (and I love the adorable packaging!) - simply take one sheet out and press onto shiny areas of skin and that's it, au revoir oil, and your make up is still very much intact. Another plus of blotting sheets is they're much less hefty than a powder compact when it comes to jamming things into teeny bags, and leave enough space for your favourite lippie in your clutch so are perfect for nights out!

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