Friday, 8 June 2012

Life's a Beach.

This miserable weather has me dreaming more and more of my upcoming holiday to Paris at the end of this month, where I'll be spending five glorious days shopping, sightseeing and eating to my heart's content.... aaaahhh. Whilst I've opted for a city-break this summer, many of you will be headed to tropical climates to soak up the sun on a relaxing beach vacation... and there's nothing like a little pre-holiday swimwear splurge to beat the rainy-day blues!

So I've chosen 5 flattering swimsuits, each aiming to address a different body concern... and the best part?! They're all available at the mere click of a mouse, so no need to even step outside your front door!

1.  Small bust
For petite ladies, look for designs that incorporate frills, as they add curves and shape to the body. You can also wear bright colours and busy patterns, so feel free to experiment with your swimwear!

This bikini would make a good choice for smaller girls - the frills on the bandeau-top and briefs add volume around the bust and hips, and the bold pineapple print (which is just so adorable!) creates the illusion of curves.

2. Large bust
For girls who are top-heavy, it can be an absolute nightmare to find swimwear that not only looks good, but also supports the bust sufficiently - they key is to search for an under-wired top with thick halter-style straps.

This blue number is perfect for top-heavy ladies, and the dainty print serves as a great way to minimise bust size.

3. Curvy
Swimwear shopping can make girls with womanly curves incredibly self-conscious, especially given the abundance of itsy, bitsy bikinis available in the shops. Thankfully, more flattering options are available, so there's no need to swamp your gorgeous figure in baggy cover-ups on the beach.
One-pieces are no longer considered frumpy, and the right one can be super-slimming and fashionable.

I adore this swimsuit - even though it's a one-piece, it manages to be flirty and feminine with its floral print. The straight-cut bottoms mask the hips and tops of thighs, areas that can often be troublesome for curvier ladies.

4. Tall with a long torso
Taller girls sometimes have difficulty balancing out their torso to leg ratio when shopping for swimwear. It's better to opt for a bikini, rather than a one-piece, if you have this body shape - a swimsuit in a solid block of colour or pattern will elongate, rather than shorten, whereas a two-piece will break up the length of the body.

I love this fun tropical print, and the dark colour helps in diverting the eye from the length of the body, as well as balancing out the long torso.

5. Large hips/bottom
The majority of ladies in the UK are pear-shaped, with large hips and bottoms. If you are one of them and worried about what type of swimsuit you should opt for, the good news is that you are able to to wear most styles. A word of warning though, steer clear of frills and ruched-detailing on briefs as they won't do your shape any favours!

This bikini is perfect for pear-shaped girls, with briefs that offer a good amount of coverage of the offending areas - a huge temptation for women of this body shape is to mask their lower half in chunky, high-waisted bikini shorts, which only enlarges the hips and bottom. 

I hope this post has been of some use for those of you that are planning to start shopping for swimwear in the next couple of weeks. And if you're looking to get in shape before baring all on the beach, Lauren Conrad's Bikini Boot Camp provides a healthy and effective way to tone-up... and if her recent Glamour USA cover is anything to go by, it's definitely worth following - doesn't she look amazing?!

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