Friday, 1 June 2012

Wing It.

It's very rare that one style of make up can universally flatter, but the classic black eyeliner flick is one of few exceptions to the rule - if you're blessed with large, doe eyes, it frames them beautifully, and if you have smaller eyes it opens them up, making them appear bigger. Neat, right?!

Ask my friends and they will tell you that my trademark is my eyeliner flick - it's taken me years of practice to take it from a smudgey mess to a clean, defined line and wing.

I personally love a slick of black liquid liner with lashings of black mascara (top lashes only) and a hint of shimmer in the inner corners of the eye for daytime. I've tried many different eyeliners over the years, but I always end up going back to my fail-safe MaxFactor Glide and Define Eyeliner in Black. It looks a bit like a felt-tip pen, but don't let that put you off as this makes it much easier to control than most of the other liquid and gel eyeliners I've seen on the market. Another plus is that it has incredible staying power and lasts all day long.

In terms of getting the flick perfect, all I can say is practice, practice, practice and then practice some more! Something I did in the early days was use a kohl eyeliner to lightly trace in the wing, and then run my liquid eyeliner over the pencil line.

Keep some cotton buds dipped in a skin cleanser next to you incase you need to erase wobbly or overly thick lines - do not use eye make up remover! It makes life pretty difficult if you need to totally re-do a line over skin that is soaked in it, so stick to a gentle, cream cleanser on your cotton buds.

It's also a good idea to stabilise the arm you're using to draw your liner with. Lean your elbow on a surface and bring a mirror down to this level, and you'll be one step closer to mastering that perfect flick!

A huge faux-pas is noticeably unbalanced or mismatched eyeliner- rather than sweeping the applicator across the lid in one swoop, it's better to do it bit-by-bit and to step back from the mirror every so often to assess your work and compare eyes for line-shape and thickness. There's been far too many mornings where I've attempted to do my eyeliner in one go and caught my reflection later on in the day and realised one flick is much bigger than the other, or one eye's liner is far too thin compared to the other eye... it's really not a good look!

A celebrity that always gets her liner absolutely perfect is Lauren Conrad.

For those of you who are getting nowhere with your eyeliner practice, help is at hand. Eye Rock have just brought out eyeliner transfers that are available here. Whilst I haven't tried them myself, they definitely seem like a quick and easy way to get perfect, even eyeliner minus the hours of standing in front of a mirror and the pain of numerous jabs in the eye with your eyeliner (ow).

So have a go and let me know how you get on!

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