Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Mulberry Lily Bag in Rose Petal Pink.

I had a very special birthday at the end of September, which deserved a very special gift, of course. My super generous parents took my not so subtle hints (such as me emailing a link of said gift to my dad on several occasions, posting it on mum's Facebook wall etc. etc.) on board, and treated me to a gorgeous bag from Mulberry.

Shall we take a look at her?

I'm such a tease...

Isn't she a beauty *insert heart-eye emoji here*?

Say hello to the Mulberry Original Lily Bag in Rose Petal, a (I think) special edition colour from the brand for 2015. The Lily forms part of the Classic Collection, and is every bit as elegant and sophisticated as the lovely Lily Collins, who it was named after.

The original Lily is a compact 17 x 21 x 9 cm, with a 29 cm adjustable, woven leather chain strap, meaning you can wear the bag in two ways - tucked underneath the arm or at a longer, hip-skimming length. I did momentarily consider getting the Medium Lily over this one, but felt it was almost the same size as my Del Rey - the smaller-sized Lily easily fits in all the essentials, and makes me far less tempted to carry the kitchen sink (plus extras) round!

The leather has a lovely grain-effect to it, and I especially love the chic Postman's Lock on the front of the bag. I know that perhaps a pink handbag isn't an option every girl would choose, and may even seem like it will not go with very much, but it's surprisingly versatile. I'm finding myself drawn to classic staples in my wardrobe nowadays, and I love pairing this bag with this ASOS Chunky White Jumper, the comfiest black skinny jeans ever and my favourite black flats... my dear ol' dad even commented this particular outfit looked very 'Audrey Hepburn,' quite the compliment, eh? It's certainly a bag that can be worn casually as I've just described, but will look equally good with something more dressy.

I didn't review my Del Rey on Bombay Rose as it was sadly discontinued shortly after I got it. The Lily in classic Mulberry colours (such as tan and black) doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast, but I'm pretty sure this colour is limited edition for this year...

There's no two ways about it - these bags are pricey... but I personally think they're worth every penny. My mum was always anti-branded handbags, but when she saw how beautifully well made my Del Rey was, she ended up getting herself the Mulberry Primrose (which also, rather sadly, has been discontinued from the permanent collection). A bag like this is something that lasts a lifetime.... provided you look after it correctly (I keep mine in tip-top condition with the recommended care products).

I realise how incredibly lucky I am to have had such a lovely bag given to me, and I can't recommend it enough if you wanted to treat yourself to something nice... or perhaps not-so-subtly hint to be treated by someone else... ;-)

The Mulberry Lily Bag in Rose Petal is priced at £695, and available from Mulberry and Selfridges - mine was purchased from the Brompton Road Store in London.
Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Perfect Nude Lipstick.

It is near impossible to find a good nude lipstick as an Indian girl... most of the choices are just too pale or pink to suit my skin tone.

I did come pretty close when I discovered the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle (which I wore on my graduation day, click here to read the post), but the staying power left little to be desired, and I'd pretty much finished the entire tube within a month through me constantly having to re-apply it.

So it was back on the hunt for the perfect long-lasting, brown-pink hued everyday lipstick... and I think I might just have found it. You guys know the drill when it comes to me and the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line, but just as a quick reminder to those of you new to this joint... I am completely obsessed.

I spotted the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Stoned Rose online a fair while ago, and when I was passing the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges Birmingham, I just couldn't help giving it a little swatch.

Of course, as always, swatching led to buying... and I walked out a very happy customer with my Tilbury treat.

Being a Charlotte Tilbury product, the packaging it beyond heavenly... just look at how pretty and chic it looks - I am nothing but a sucker for anything rose gold. 

I didn't bother with the matching lipliner (I tend to save lipliner for 'event' makeup rather than every single day), and the lipstick glides on to the lips smoothly without it, with no bleeding or feathering at the lip edges. The colour payoff is great, with the first swipe usually being enough for me to cover my naturally pigmented lips. The formula is really hydrating, and made up of waxes, light diffusing pigments (to create a luminous finish) along with the top secret ingredient of the Lipstick Tree (#2 of things I am a sucker for: fancy-sounding secret ingredients). The Lipstick Tree contains anti-oxidant properties providing the lips with UV protection, leaving them soft and nourished.

The finish has a satisfying, light sheen to it, and I get a wear of around 3 hours before having to top up my colour.

Stoned Rose manages that perfect balance of brown, pink and peach to create the 'my lips but better' look down to a tee. On paler skin tones, it may not look quite as natural as it does on darker ones, but that's not to say it won't make an awesome lipstick for fair skins too. 

The lipstick works with all makeup - I've been favouring an autumnal plum-hued smokey eye of late, but it looks just as great when paired up with a gold-bronze or more cool-toned eyeshadow look, too.

One to add to the list of holy grail makeup items... along with every other Charlotte Tilbury product I own.

The Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick is priced at £23.00, and available from Selfridges and the Charlotte Tilbury website.
Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Smitten Kitten

I distinctly remember first seeing the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats on Alexa Chung when I was about 18 years old and instantly going all heart-eyed emoji for them... unfortunately being job-less at the time, and about to head to University meanmy bank account wasn't exactly brimming with funds.

Whilst I wouldn't say my bank account is quiiiite overflowing right now, I now have a job and earn actual money (the novelty of this is yet to have worn off after 6 years of being a student)... and I think every girl should allow herself a slight splurge when she starts earning - am I right?

You can probably guess what my splurge ended up being on.

I bought my Kitty Flats at the Charlotte Olympia store in Brompton Cross... after a bit of deliberation (I say a bit - Anna, the super helpful sales assistant, had the patience of a saint!) over whether to opt for the studded version or the classic velvet ones, I went for the latter.

Anna did inform me the classic flats run a little large and tend to widen slightly with wear - however my feet are incredibly long and narrow and my usual size (UK 7, EU 40) was perfect when I added a pair of in-soles to them. I could probably have got away with the UK 6.5 size minus the in-soles, but they were just that little bit too tight, and when you're dropping a few more £s on a pair of shoes they have to be comfortable.

My shoes were taken off and swathed in gorgeous spider-web printed tissue paper, and a super cute sticky-backed Polaroid photo was included to be stuck on the outside of the box (so you can easily see where your flats are in your wardrobe!) along with a protective dustbag.

The actual shoes themselves are gorgeous, with a velvet upper, embroidered cat face and gold block heel. The attention to detail is so stunning and I especially love the little golden web on the underside of the flats.

I've had my shoes about six weeks now and am so very glad I bought them - yes, they're a bit extravagant for a pair of flats... but they are so beautifully made, and I know they will last so much longer than your average high-street pair. Maybe it's come with getting older, but I now really understand that spending that little bit more on quality accessories is much more worthwhile. I'm also super lazy with wearing heels nowadays (I usually get comments of 'Bambi on ice' from my dad when I do wear them, as I'm so out of practice in walking in them!), and these flats look just as awesome with a pair of jeans as they do with a pretty dress.

I get compliments every time I wear them, and they are honestly so damn comfy. Before I went to the  store, I did briefly toy with getting them in a crazy colour, but am pleased that I went for standard black - they go with absolutely everything... and I'm in great company with the classic version; not name dropping or anything, but hi Taylor Swift.

The Kitty Flats are priced at £365.00, and available from the Charlotte Olympia website.
Friday, 28 August 2015

The Cheerz Box.

It saddens me that in the midst of social media madness, we forget the way it used to be. Seeing as we can now upload our favourite photographs at the push of a button, we no longer seem to print out copies. I'll be showing my age when I tell you all that as a child, I loved it when my mum sent our camera film rolls off to get printed, and we had the excitement of getting the developed photographs sent back to us in the post.

As you all know, I came back from 3 months in the Caribbean back in June - I uploaded all my pictures to my Facebook and Instagram accounts whilst I was out there, and had planned on getting a few printed when I returned home. As luck would have it, within a few days of getting back, I was contacted by a new company called Cheerz...

The idea behind Cheerz is very simple - the company has a mobile app, through which you can quickly select photos you've shared directly onto your social media accounts (as well as ones you haven't) and get them printed, either as simple photographs, or they can be in the form of books, boxes, posters... the choices are endless. 

I went for the Cheerz Box* and selected 30 of my favourite photos from my holiday, using a mixture of pictures from my Instagram and personal Facebook accounts. I downloaded the Cheerz app, which accessed my social media accounts quickly and easily - I'd picked and ordered my box and selected my pictures within about five minutes. I loved that you could also select which part of your picture was to be printed - there's been all too many times where I've made a Snapfish order and, unable to check how my photos would come out, I've lost the top of mine or a friend's head during the printing process.

The box came super fast - the next day, in fact! All of the photos were Polaroid picture-sized and on high-quality glossy paper. I really liked the photos I'd selected from my Facebook account, but it was pretty easy to spot which ones I'd selected from Instagram, as the pictures weren't quite of the same quality which I suppose is to be expected, given Instagram compresses the photos you upload, anyway.

Whilst I love the polka-dot design of the box, I was a smidge disappointed at the lack of choices, as there was just a choice of polka dots or stripes... I, personally, think something floral wouldn't go amiss for us gals.

At £13.95, along with £3.95 delivery, I do feel the Cheerz Box is a little expensive for what you're getting, so maybe this isn't something you'd buy for yourself - mine was gifted to me, but I really do love it, and think it's nice to have a selection of my favourite memories from my trip, all inside a cute little keepsake box... it'd make for a really thoughtful gift for a social-media obsessed friend!

The Cheerz Box is priced at £13.95, and available online, or via the iPhone app.

*PR Sample
Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Current Favourite Nail Polishes.

Whilst I love my new job as a junior doctor, the one thing I seriously miss is looking down at my hands and seeing painted fingernails. Whilst my toes are constantly lacquered, my fingers don't look quite so great during the week - before I started my job I had a couple of shades constantly slicked onto my fingernails... today, I thought I'd show you the ones that made the cut this summer.

From L to R: Suzi Shops & Island Hops, That's Hula-rious!, Lost My Bikini in Molokini and Aloho

I've been loving the OPI Hawaii Nail Lacquer Set*, which comes with 4 oh-so-cute bottles of OPI polish in a collection of gorgeous shades... with equally gorgeous names. As you'd expect with a professional polish, these last really well on the nails.

Whilst I love all the colours in the set, my absolute favourite is That's Hula-rious! a  bright, breezy pastel green, which looks especially great with a tan.

If, like me, you're a glitter fan, the Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in If The Slipper Fits* will probably be right up your street. The brand brought out an entire range of polishes to celebrate the release of Disney's Cinderella, and this particular polish was created to represent Cinderella's glass slippers... and it does a bloomin' good job.

A gorgeous blue polish packed with delicate blue and silver glitter, it creates an almost holographic look to the nails - it does require a couple of coats to provide the dense glitter you can see on my nails (abovebut the finished result is nothing short of stunning. The only bugbear I have with this polish is it's an absolute nightmare to get off your nails.

If you fancy trying out the rest of the Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection, there's a mini set available to include 4 of the limited edition polishes - check it out here.

A longtime favourite of mine is another polish my OPI - Thanks a WindMillion was a shade brought out by the brand in 2012 as part of their Holland collection (thankfully, it still seems to be available here)... after I spotted it on Lauren Conrad, it had to be mine.

The shade is a gorgeous dull green colour, which somehow strikes a balance between striking, without being in-your-face - I've described at length in my August Favourites 2014, (which, as a side, is a weird thing to watch as I haven't filmed in over a year... I'm looking to get back into it, but watch this space for now!).

My final pick was actually something of an impulse buy - about a month back, Boots happened to be doing an awesome 3-for-2 on Revlon products, and you also got a free Revlon Nail Enamel as part of the offer. I opted for the shade Privileged - this is a new addition to the core Revlon line, and is a very flattering orange-toned peach colour. I wore this on my graduation day, and needed about 3 coats for a streak-free finish... whilst it lasted all day on the day it needed to, it doesn't seem to have quite the same lasting power as other colours in the range, and chips after around 2 days, so I'd suggest taking the bottle  away with you if you fancied wearing it on holiday... it does look especially good when you're on the side of sun kissed.

*PR Sample
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