Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum.

Returning from three months of endless summer (along with coming back to glorious sunshine here in the UK) has seen shunning the intense scents of Elie Saab and Valentina Assoluto, and plumping for something a little more weather-appropriate... namely Rosie Huntington Whiteley's debut fragrance, Rosie for Autograph.

Rosie has been at the helm of her successful M&S lingerie and nightwear range for several years now, and recently turned her hand to fragrance, which launched earlier this year.

The fragrance is eau de parfum (this means it contains a higher concentration of aromatic oils than eau de toilette, and is longer-lasting on the skin), and available as a 30 ml (£14.00) or 75 ml (£28.00) bottle. I think its incredibly well-priced, especially for something akin to a premium fragrance - I went for the 30 ml bottle which is small enough to carry around in my handbag. Speaking of the bottle, isn't it gorgeous? I'm a sucker for anything rose gold.

Onto the perfume itself... well, it's an absolute delight. As you might well expect, it smells quite a lot like roses, thanks to its main ingredient of Centifolia roses... but it also features notes of sandalwood, vanilla, lemon and musk making this much more than just a floral scent - it also smells really clean, fresh and spicy, making it perfect for the summer. And as a side for the vegetarian and vegans amongst us, Rosie's line is cruelty free and has not been tested on animals.

Rosie has since added some homeware items to her fragrance range - I even went and bought the Candle Trio as I like the scent so much!

Bravo Rosie, bravonow if you could create another special perfume that somehow makes me look like you, that would be just swell.

To find out more about the Rosie for Autograph fragrance range, click here.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I'm Back!

Well, it's certainly been a while...

I have finally returned from my three-month stint in the Caribbean - it goes without saying that I had the most fantastic couple of months of my life... but having said that, it's so good to be home.

I spent 2 months working in a hospital in St Vincent and the Grenadines, a set of islands making up a small country within the Caribbean. Chances are, you haven't heard of it... but part of the charm of Vincy was the fact it was unspoiled - next to no tourists and no huge resorts... just authentic culture, food and, above all, people. The Grenadines Islands (which surround the main island of St Vincent) were stunning - having taken a 3 hour boat journey to get to some islands called Tobago Cays, I remember emerging from the hull of the boat quite literally thinking the sight before my eyes just wasn't real (Google it if you don't believe me!).

The final month of my trip was spent in Panama - another amazing place which hasn't quite been discovered by tourists (at least not as much as other parts of Central America). During my time there, I was quite the daredevil - zip-lining, horseback riding and white water rafting were just a handful of the things I got up to... one of my travelling buddies thought it would be hilarious to film us doing these activities and I can confirm I pretty much screamed the whole way through them.

I wasn't planning on posting much more about my trip on here, as I'm itching to get back into writing about blush and bronzer, so if you'd like to have a little peek at what I got up to, head to my Instagram.

During my time in the tropics, I learned that I'd passed my last set of medical school exams... so come graduation in July, I'm officially Dr Ambi. It's been slightly surreal coming to post labelled 'Dr' rather than 'Miss,' but hey, after six years, I think I deserve a shiny new title.

Anyway, enough about me... let's get back to liner and lashes, shall we?

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Living the Caribbean Dream...

I'm off on my jollies around the Caribbean for the next 3 months so won't be around these parts much.

Don't worry, there's plenty of content to keep you satisfied if you're a new reader, and if you're not then I promise I'll be back... just not in the immediate future :-) x

Saturday, 28 February 2015

10 Reasons Why Lob > Long Hair.

Yesterday, I told you all about my new haircut. It's been exactly one week since I went for the chop, and I've already counted ten reasons why a short 'do is so much better than a long one...

1. You don't look like every other girl on the street.
Tumbling, brunette Kate Middleton-esque waves with the odd Zooey Deschanel fringe thrown in for good measure = zzzzzzzzz.

2. Hair flipping no longer comes with risk of serious injury.
Long hair is all fun and games until someone loses an eye(s).

You flip that short hair freely, gurl.

3. Brushing your hair no longer requires a day's planning...
... because it used to take so. Damn. Long.

4. ... and the prospect of washing and blow-drying your hair no longer brings you to tears.

Time restraints + long hair - it's not a combination worth dealing with.

5. It's so low maintenance.
An actual bob is a nightmare to style. Long hair is an effort to style, but also to wash.
But the lob? 5 minutes to wash, 5 minutes to dry, and you're good to go... and you can't help but feel a liiiiittle bit smug about it.

6. Come summer, you'll be feeling even more smug.
That beast sat on your head is no longer retaining all your body heat, so you'll feel about a billion degrees cooler than your long-haired pals, and your shoulders might actually get a chance of getting a tan.

7. You can freely use this Mean Girls one-liner.
Say goodbye to backcombing and masses of hairspray, because less weight at the ends = more volume at the roots...

 8. ... and less of that zhuzh-ing = longer lie-in.
Lob = the lazy girl's dream.

9. Bedhead is actually chic.
A lob manages to look even better having been slept in...

... can't say the same for long hair.

Oh dear. 

10. Taylor. Lauren. Rosie. Jenna.
Need I say more? I think my work is done.

Farewell, long hair - it was a blast... but short hair is so much better.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

The New Do.

If you'd told me this time two years ago that in 2015 I'd be sporting a long bob (or 'lob'), I'd probably have laughed in your face.

The impossible happened, and last Saturday I waved goodbye to my mid-length locks and hello to a shiny, new do. Truth be told, I've been thinking about chopping all my hair off for a long, long time, but was warned it would be something of a shock to the system to go from waist-length locks to barely-shoulder skimming ones.

Alas, I went for something more gradual, first doing this back in September, then this in December... by the time I walked into my salon last week, my hairdresser was mildly horrified at how much my hair had grown in length and thickness in less than 2 months. He rather enjoyed the fact that I wanted it all hacked off (my mother, a spectator of the great haircut of 2015, not so much), and after showing him several pictures of my hair-crush Jenna Coleman, he set to work.

I'm going travelling around the Caribbean and Central America for 3 months from April, so I asked him to cut it a little shorter than Jenna's in anticipation of it growing at its usual ridonkulous rate... I have trust issues with other hairdressers in the UK, let alone random ones on the other side of the world, so I wanted to make sure I wouldn't need a haircut until I returned home in July.

I'm just going to say it - I love my hair, and even my dear ol' Dad noticed I'd "done something new to it." and went as far as to say he liked it. My mother hated it, naturally, and the general reaction I've received from people I know is either: 1) sheer horror that I've cut most of my hair off followed by a rather unconvincing comment like, "Errr... it... looks ....nice..." or no comment at all, or 2) genuine approval... I'm rather enjoying seeing these extremes of reaction!

To be frank, the most important thing is what I think - after all, it's sat on my head and I'm the one that has to look at it everyday in the mirror, but I do wonder why people have such an attachment to hair; it's just hair... it'll grow back! I suppose it's a case of wanting what you can't have; I realise I'm very lucky to have a lot of hair which grows incredibly quickly, but I think this is all the more reason to experiment with different hairstyles and lengths!

I'm glad I transitioned to my lob in stages, and if you're thinking of doing something drastic with your hair's length, I'd definitely recommend you do the same thing. I'm still getting to grips with curling my hair (think I've watched about 400 'wavy lob' tutorials on YouTube), but the fact it's naturally straight means it requires minimal styling after just 5 minutes of blow-drying. I get longer in bed in the mornings, and my un-fussy hair means there's more focus on my clothes and makeup rather than the beast sat atop my head.

Best of all, my mother's finally given my haircut the closest thing to her seal of approval... she told me it was "growing on her." I'll take that... you win some, you lose some.

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